1 January, 2022


Dear Loved One,

The day you were born you had a very special Angel looking after you…

Your Guardian Angel goes by the name Haniel, and Haniel has a lot to say about you which will be revealed in a short minute…

Your Guardian Archangel is Haniel


Archangel Haniel is the angel of joy, who usually appears in female form in the material world. Her name translates into ‘Joy of God’, or the ‘Grace of God’. She is also known as the archangel of divine communication.

Archangel Haniel acts as a channeler between the realm of the physical world and the higher energy states of the celestial realms.

Her high energetic vibrations can help accelerate your intuition and assist you with achieving clairvoyance.

What Archangel Haniel Has To Say About You

Archangel Haniel says that you’re a master builder… 

Creating a strong foundation in everything you do is second nature to you. You intuitively and instinctively understand that if you build a tall beautiful skyscraper with a weak foundation, it will collapse after just one earthquake. And that structures with a strong foundation live on a lot longer.

While others are out for instant gratification, you understand the importance living for the long term. You have the rare insight that it takes to ponder about how your actions today will affect your future.

You realize that in order to have a strong relationship, it takes commitment, true love, and inner growth. Your inner passion that makes you a great builder in life makes long-term romance, relationships and marriages easily happen for you.

👉 You put much greater importance and attention on the people closest to you and who are in your inner circle. 

👉 Stability is your most attractive trait when it comes to relationships, partnerships, your career, and business.

👉 Your natural uplifting energy and physical affection are perfect characteristics that will make you a great parent.

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👉 In times of great chaos, you have a skill for calming the situation. Being a leader is a part of your nature.

👉 You have great determination to start from nothing and build up to massive success in your life.

👉 The essence of your being helps people to trust you, not only because of your grit and grind mentality, but because you have the true intention of living up to whatever you set your mind to. And you have the reputation of keeping your word and doing what you say you’re going to do.

👉 Your kindness and positive energy brings out the best in people. And you have a natural talent when it comes to making people feel valued and special.

You are a powerful creator and you possess the hidden ability to move mountains in life, and accomplish tasks that many think of as impossible.

But being great isn’t about being perfect. Being great is about recognizing your weaknesses and becoming better because of them…

Here is What Archangel Haniel Says You Need To Improve Upon

Letting go and forgiving could be a greater challenge for you than for most people. You tend to hold onto painful and hurtful memories. 

The pain you are holding onto could continue haunting you for the rest of your life. Always keep in mind that things change and there are new opportunities to let go and grasp your mind around better experiences.

Sometimes you tend to do things out of sheer force, and you often fake your happiness. When you notice yourself faking your happiness, this is a clear sign that you need to reevaluate what you’re doing and consider switching things up.

Your greatness is a two-sided coin, where on one side you are a workaholic and you would rather work yourself until your energy is diminished. Then on the other side of the coin, all of that hard work will keep you enslaved and keep your free-spirited wings from stretching. A way to remedy this would be to put “fun” first a lot more often, and set limits on your work schedule.

If you choose to follow your life’s purpose, one day you’ll provide enormous inspiration to the world through conquering huge odds.

Overall, you have much great potential that is awaiting to surface, and with the right guidance you can easily unleash the potential that has been within you since the day you were born… 

Connect With Archangel Haniel

You have a very strong duty on this Earth, and you were meant to work with Archangel Haniel very closely.

Deep within your soul, something great is waiting to blossom within you. 

Once you fully connect with your Guardian Angel, you’ll discover what exactly is awaiting you. And discover a greater destiny that is ready to unfold. 

When you make this strong connection with Archangel Haniel, you’ll discover your life’s purpose, your natural talents, and your untapped abilities…

All you need is… the “Divine Decoder”…