1 January, 2022


Dear Loved One,

The day you were born you had a very special Angel looking after you…

Your Guardian Angel goes by the name Jeremiel, and Jeremiel has a lot to say about you which will be revealed in a short minute…

Your Guardian Archangel is Jeremiel


Jeremiel’s name translates into “God’s Mercy”. Jeremiel is known as the angel of visions and dreams, and he is a messenger of God.

He communicates messages that restore hope and faith in people who are discouraged or troubled. He is also the one who helps pass spirits over from the earth realm to the celestial realm.

In your darkest hours, you can turn to Jeremiel to help deliver the mercy of God into your life no matter what you are facing. Jeremiel loves to reveal the indefinite rainbow after every violent storm, especially to those who have strong faith.

Jeremiel is the one to turn to when one needs help in evaluating their lives and figuring out what God would like them to change to better fulfill his purposes.

What Archangel Jeremiel Has To Say About You

Archangel Jeremiel says that you’re a free spirit… 

There is an essence of freedom about you that everyone can feel once they meet you, and many also feel a sense of relief when you’re around.

You have the ability to impact people’s lives in a profound way. You often inspire people into making a permanent transformation, even after only meeting for the first time.

There is something very unique about you that not many can seem to put their finger on.

Your imagination is limitless, you have the type of imagination that breaks all boundaries, and rules in society. Your imaginative skills can take you very far in life and inspire freedom in others.

👉 Your charm always somehow manages to get you what you want. And if it isn’t your charm that gets you what you want, then it’s your determination that gets you what you want almost every time. 

👉 Many people deem you as a good person, but what many don’t know about you is that you’re full of great wisdom.

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👉 As time goes on, you may age, but your spirit never will. You’ll be active and full of energy well into old age.

👉 Your honesty and truthfulness will do wonders for you, this is what will make your life easier. And this is what will have people respect you, become your fans, and have the wrong people keep their distance.

👉 You have a keen awareness to sense problems and spot them before they become a bigger problem. Your intuition will be a great tool when it comes to stopping problems before they happen.

👉 You are gifted with a quick mind and great reflexes; continue to exercise your gifts and they will take you far.

You are a powerful creator and you possess the hidden ability to move mountains in life, and accomplish tasks that many think of as impossible.

But being great isn’t about being perfect. Being great is about recognizing your weaknesses and becoming better because of them…

Here is What Archangel Jeremiel Says You Need To Improve Upon

Despite being a rebel, you tend to be extremely shy. This could get in the way of business, career opportunities, networking, and many other things as far as creating a better life for yourself.

In the face of chaos and crisis, you tend to emotionally shut down. Once you are able to grab a hold of this flaw, it will be a turning point in your life.

Your great mind can turn into a social flaw, if you aren’t careful of being too critical, you may push more people away than necessary.

You tend to be impatient about things that you are passionate about and things that you want to see work. Just know that it’s better to wait, because all things have a needed process. Without things taking their natural course, the end result will become a complete mess.

For example: Love that gets the chance to evolve over time and come into realization is much stronger than love that was thrown together in 2 minutes.

If you choose to follow your life’s purpose, one day you’ll provide enormous inspiration to the world through conquering huge odds.

Overall, you have much great potential that is awaiting to surface, and with the right guidance you can easily unleash the potential that has been within you since the day you were born… 

Connect With Archangel Jeremiel

You have a very strong duty on this Earth, and you were meant to work with Archangel Jeremiel very closely.

Deep within your soul, something great is waiting to blossom within you. 

Once you fully connect with your Guardian Angel, you’ll discover what exactly is awaiting you. And discover a greater destiny that is ready to unfold. 

When you make this strong connection with Archangel Jeremiel, you’ll discover your life’s purpose, your natural talents, and your untapped abilities…

All you need is… the “Divine Decoder”…