1 January, 2022


Dear Loved One,

The day you were born you had a very special Angel looking after you…

Your Guardian Angel goes by the name Jophiel, and Jophiel has a lot to say about you which will be revealed in a short minute…

Your Guardian Archangel is Jophiel

jophiel 1

Jophiel translates into “Beauty of God”. She helps us recognize the beauty that surrounds us and all of Gods beautiful creations. 

She is in charge of the sunrise, the moonlight, and revealing all of Gods beauty to mankind.

Archangel Jophiel is one who inspires creation, new ideas and artistic thoughts within people.

What Archangel Jophiel Has To Say About You

Archangel Jophiel says that you’re a communicator… 

You are a very charming and captivating person when you want to be. Great fortunate is always by your side and you often find yourself in a lot of lucky situations.

A big trait that many will notice about you is that you are generous and self-sacrificing. This trait alone about you will have many want to network with you and become closer to you.

While others may procrastinate or give up easily, you on the other hand are naturally determined and you’d rather choose to see something through. This natural characteristic of yours will lead you to many opportunities in the future.

👉 When people are divided and no one is talking. You are the one who will bring people together and create divine harmony. This is one of your natural talents, and could lead to great positions as a leader in organizations. 

👉 Another reason why many people can easily turn to you and trust you is because you are a very efficient planner and you’re highly organized. In the face of complete chaos, many will look to you for order.

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👉 Aside from your creativity and high intelligence, you have a lot of loyalty to offer in a friendship. You are the person who will always be there for many. And no amount of years could break any of your friendships apart.

👉 You are a very thoughtful person who knows how to touch the hearts of many through your big heart and creative mind. You are able to show love in many different forms, and you have a rare gift for being able to speak the language of love.

👉 You have the potential to be a great musician who can enchant the world with tunes that have never been heard before.

👉 Bravery and courage are characteristics that are well within your nature.

You are a powerful creator and you possess the hidden ability to move mountains in life, and accomplish tasks that many think of as impossible.

But being great isn’t about being perfect. Being great is about recognizing your weaknesses and becoming better because of them…

Here is What Archangel Jophiel Says You Need To Improve Upon

One of your biggest fallbacks is settling and getting comfortable with unpleasant situations. At times you may fake happiness in the face of unwanted circumstances like: bad relationships, bullying or negative people.

Until you reclaim authority in your life, you may continue attracting controlling people.

A lack of belief in spirituality may make you depend on outside circumstances and people for your success. And you may lose sight of the fact that when you work with God and the Archangels, you are capable of a lot more.

Taking on more work and promises than you can handle will lead you to your boiling point and a release of pent up anger at the wrong time. Learning how to say “no” will lead to greater well-being in the future for you.

Your self-sacrificing attitude could lead you down a road where you are too busy uplifting others to fulfill your own dreams and goals.

You believe in being a perfectionist to such a high standard that you may be too concerned about what others think, to the point where you doubt your own work and creations. Always believe in yourself, and realize that nothing is ever perfect. 

Beware of trying to impress the wrong people through controlling your image and your surroundings. The ones who matter aren’t concerned with your appearance. 

Your desire to be “right” or “correct” may cloud your judgement and keep you away from trying new things or stop you from getting the kind of help you really need.

If you choose to follow your life’s purpose, one day you’ll provide enormous inspiration to the world through conquering huge odds.

Overall, you have much great potential that is awaiting to surface, and with the right guidance you can easily unleash the potential that has been within you since the day you were born… 

Connect With Archangel Jophiel

You have a very strong duty on this Earth, and you were meant to work with Archangel Jophiel very closely.

Deep within your soul, something great is waiting to blossom within you. 

Once you fully connect with your Guardian Angel, you’ll discover what exactly is awaiting you. And discover a greater destiny that is ready to unfold. 

When you make this strong connection with Archangel Jophiel, you’ll discover your life’s purpose, your natural talents, and your untapped abilities…

All you need is… the “Divine Decoder”…