Creating A Gratitude Practice: Understanding The Ins And Outs

  25 August, 2021

Whenever you lose a job, get sick, or have a breakup, you experience disappointment. That’s when you start to feel lousy, too. In these tough times, you tend to overlook everything that’s going well in your life. How can you stop the feeling of lousiness whenever life throws a wrench into your process of improving life? Well, the answer lies in having and sustaining a gratitude practice.


Having gratitude is important. When you have gratitude, you remind yourself that you’re fortunate to have a life and all the wondrous gifts that come with being alive. Many research works show that whenever you have a sense of appreciation toward life, you improve your health and boost your well-being. Why does that happen, you may think? It’s because whenever you focus your attention on all the positive aspects of your life, you become happy and healthy.

A research study happened on women with breast cancer. In the study, the women suffering from this disease were told to list all the reasons for which they were grateful every day. Unsurprisingly, the women who were grateful felt better. As a matter of fact, those who journaled every day created better coping skills too.

So, here’s the million-dollar question.

How Can I Create My Gratitude Practice?

Similar to meditation and yoga, gratitude is a solid practice that needs your time. When you’re consistent with your practising gratitude, you’ll easily retain your mind and will take stock of every joyful memory and pleasant moment that life sends your way daily. That’s why cultivating the spirit of having gratitude and showing it becomes important. This way, you’ll see that gratitude will help you find your reason for joy even when you’re sick.

So, here’s the best way of developing your gratitude practice.

Think Gratitude Texting As Normal Texting

Gratitude texting is ideal for anyone who wants to internalize the art of practising gratitude. Why? Well, because gratitude texting is simple and doesn’t take a lot of time. You must take out time to figure out whom you want to say thank you today. Once you’ve zeroed in on the person, you must text her or him. It’s as simple as that. When you start saying thank-you to people who mean a lot to you or who may have helped you on a particular day, you’ll expand your life state too.

One More Way Of Showing Your Gratitude

You may have heard about Guardian Angels—they’re friends from heaven. You have a Guardian Angel who’s watched over you before your birth. So, the bottom line is that you can connect with your Guardian Angel to understand how you can practise gratitude in real life. Once you know that, you’ll be a step closer to tasting bliss every day. As it turns out, connecting with your Angel is easier said than done. To help you find your Guardian Angel, we’ll help you. We have a proven process to figure out who your Guardian Angel is. Many people have already tried our process and swear by its effectiveness. So, what’s holding you back? Take this quick test and inch closer to knowing and collaborating with your friend from heaven.