Different Tarot Spreads Explored And Explained

  23 July, 2021

Reading tarot is intuitive. Nonetheless, like any other scientific experiment, the data you’ll receive from tarot reading will influence how you design the procedure moving forward. What’s tarot spread, anyway? Well, it’s the card design in any tarot reading session. In simple words, the pattern of cards picked from the deck during a reading session refers to tarot spreads.

Tarot Spreads

Most tarot readers adopt different approaches to grounding the querent—it’s the name given to the person who’s asking for guidance through tarot readings. Many a time, the querent shuffles the deck of 78 tarot cards before cutting it. While shuffling the deck, the querents must think about their questions or intentions. That’s one of the best practices to make any tarot reading successful. This way, the tarot spread will be able to guide a querent’s interpretation. That’s why we’ve thought of giving you the low-down on different tarot spreads.

One Card Tarot Spread

You may have busy lives—and in these times, more cards aren’t always better. When you’re doing the spread for the first time, you’ll have to figure out one simple formula of KISS, which stands for keeping it simple stupid. And if you want to get in-depth details on your situation or how to resolve it, then going for a multiple-card spread will be an ideal option.

Three Card Tarot Spread

The three-card tarot spread is simple and straightforward. Working with this kind of spread is also ideal for beginners. A three-card tarot spread isn’t just classic—instead, it’s even adaptable as per your querent’s questions. This spread can offer plenty of information that’ll help you get insights into a querent’s life. That’s why this spread is ideal for many seasoned practitioners.

Five Card Tarot Spreads

Three-card tarot spreads offer a lot of information about a querent’s mind and life. Likewise, a five-card tarot spread will help you dive deep into the most important question—why? When you’re working with this spread, you may work with two popular formations to know what’s in the heart of a querent. Because understanding the heart of the querent matters the most for any tarot card reader. The two formations that you can work with during five-card spreads include cross formation and rectangle formation.

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