Here’s How The Law Of Attraction Works When You Have To Attract Your Crush

  17 October, 2021

You’re smitten by your crush. You like being around her. You love whenever she talks to you. But in all these times, you also want to manifest your feelings and take your acquittance-cum-friendship to the next level. Is that possible? Well, yes, you can.

law of attraction

And that’s why we’re here. In this explainer, we’re going to tell you about the art of manifesting your crush. We’ll tell you how you can work with the ultimate law of attraction to attract your crush. Ready? Let’s dive deep into the details.

Working With The Law Of Attraction To Manifest Your Crush

The law of attraction works on your imagination. If you’re imaginative, then you’ll maximise the power of this law. That’s why the cardinal requirement of manifesting your crush using this law is to visualise being with her. You must imagine being sleeping next to her, sharing a good night kiss, talking to her in your heart while you’re sipping your cup of coffee.

Visualise a movie where you and your crush are the main characters. You have to keep imagining asking your crush out for a date or a romantic getaway. Picture yourself pulling up a chair for her and enjoying your dinner. You may even go to the extent of imagining her laughing at your jokes.

When you work with the law of attraction, you’ll have to imagine scenarios. In those scenarios, you’ll have to live out your dream with your crush. And you can visualise using different and more creative ways. When you visualise yourself with your crush, you live your inner fantasy.

Besides visualisation, you’ll have one more solid way of manifesting your crush. It’s through practising positive affirmations. If you lack immense thought power to visualise even the simplest of scenarios involving you and your crush, then practising positive affirmations is your go-to choice.

Positive affirmations influence your subconscious mind. When you keep repeating that “My crush and I love each other”, you’ll notice your subconscious mind getting trained to help you make your dream of dating your crush a reality. You may build a list of positive affirmations to make sure you always are affirming this soon-to-be-true reality of being with your crush in your heart and mind.

And once you keep practising positive affirmation, you’ll start emitting vibes and frequencies that’ll get you closer to your crush.

Wrapping It Up

Now, you surely know a thing or two about manifesting the crush of your lives. The law of attraction is very powerful if you know how to use it properly. Besides, practising this kind of philosophy requires you to be regular. If you’re irregular or have an erratic approach towards practising the law of attraction for manifesting your crush, you won’t get the desired results. Now, what are you waiting for? Try visualisation and practise positive affirmations. This way, you’ll make sure to manifest your crush and start to enjoy your life.