Your Guide To Understanding the Difference Between Angels And Fairies

  18 October, 2021

Angels and Fairies are two Spirit groups. Both of them fall into the categories called Light Spirits and Spirits. These fairies and Angels reside, function, and manifest in different realms, including Heaven, Source Oneness, and Divine Light.

angel and fairy

These realms may get different names based on the belief system and the culture. But there’s one thing that’s as certain as the sun rising from the East—Light Spirits are highly positive. You can imagine Light Spirits as benevolent and positive beings that people want to bring into their homes and lives.

Like everyone else, you also have your own Guardian Angels alongside Fairy Guides. The best part is that these Guardian Angels and Guides will be the fact that they self-invite. These Angels and Fairies will protect you even if you haven’t really asked for them to be present. It’s because these Guardian Angels have one duty—to help you connect with your inner self and create a spiritual revolution in your life.

Whenever Spirts enter your surroundings, you may feel their presence. Sometimes, you may even hear these spirits or see them with your eyes. On the other hand, Light Spirits will appear to be balls, flashes, or twinkles of Divine Light that’ll pass swiftly in your surroundings. These flashes of Divine Light are so prominent and quick; that’s why they’ll appear to be passing through the corner of your eyes.

Both Angels and Fairy Guides are the sources of Divine Lights. Why? That’s because both of them are energetic bodies. But as both of them are sometimes seen as flashes of lights, how’re you supposed to know which one is it? In this explainer, we’ll answer this question. Here, we’ll give you two concrete points to help you know whether Angels and Fairies are with you.

Two Differences Between Fairy Guides And Angels

The Light’s Colour

If you see Angels as a form of light, they’ll most likely appear in cool-toned and bright shades. Rarely, you’ll feel the presence of an Angel as an orb of bright, bold light. Rather, Angels are fond of pastel shades. The light of an Angel will often look overwhelming and diffuse fast. In contrast, Fairies will appear to have vibrant and warm tones. The light, which is linked to Fairy Guides, is compact and belongs to warm-toned hues.

The Light’s Movement

This is one point where you can differentiate between Angels and Fairy Guides. The movements of the light that Angels and Fairies cast are different. For instance, the lights that Fairy Guides emit are bouncier and jumpier than the ones emitted by Angels. Like, the light that your Guardian Angel will give out will likely hover at one place instead of moving from one location to another.

Wrapping It Up

Angels and Fairy Guides are two of the most prominent sources of the Lord’s light that humanity knows. Besides, now you even know two solid points of difference which will help you understand whether an Angel has visited you or a Fairy. So, what are you waiting for? Remember these points to understand whether you’ve been visited by an Angel or a Fairy.