How Do Tarot Card Readings Work?

  26 July, 2021

Most people think of tarot cards as the gateway to performing magic, psychics, and whatnot. These things are sure connected to Halloween’s spookiness but not tarots. So, you may ask two questions: What are tarot cards? And how do they work? Sit back and relax now because you’ve come to the right post. Here, we’ll explain to you what tarot cards are and how does anyone read them.

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What Are Tarot Cards, And How Do They Work?

In the mid-15th century, people used to play using tarot cards. Not just that, ancient tarots are the inspiration for designing the deck of playing cards you see today. Recently, however, tarots come under a solid tool of divination. A deck of tarots is read just like a storybook. When you read tarot cards, you get insights into navigating your life through different circumstances. Moreover, tarots help you reflect on things that you may not have even thought about earlier.

Just like playing cards, tarots have four suits with 14 cards. These four suits include cups, wands, pentacles, and swords. Collectively, these suits are referred to as the minor arcana. Every single card in the minor arcana showcases a new moment, a specific instance, or people of a range of temperaments in your life. Every suit represents different regions in anyone’s life. For instance, a suit of cups will represent emotions; a suit of wands stands for creative resources; a suit of swords will represent your mind; last, a suit of pentacles showcases material resources.

Dissimilar to playing cards, tarots comprise 22 cards; these cards come under the major arcana. That’s how the total number of cards in a conventional tarot deck is just 78. On the other hand, the major arcana represents important moments in someone’s life. The cards inside major arcana are a bit more powerful than the ones belonging to minor arcana. It’s because the cards in the major arcana influence the readings of the minor arcana.
For example, the first card in the major arcana—which is also known as the fool card—is the story’s protagonist. The cards that come after the fool card will showcase different parts of a protagonist’s life. Now that you know what tarots are, it’s time to figure out how to read tarots.

First up, there’s no particular wrong or right way of reading tarots. Reading these cards is a mix of understanding their meanings and applying your intuition to find true meaning. A fun fact: In a deck of tarot cards, each one may have different meanings, depending on the kind of reading you’re doing.

You have to understand what’s the meaning of every card and how that meaning applies to your life. If you’re reading tarot cards for the first time, go with the Rider-Waite tarot deck, which uses original tarot images. This way, the deck is quite helpful in learning the meaning of every card.

Here’s another pro-tip: Whenever you’re getting ready for a tarot-reading session, have a question in mind. When you have this question coming to your mind time and again, shuffle the tarot cards in any particular way. The card that pops out to you or the card that draws you should be the starting point of your reading session.

Summing It Up

So, what are you waiting for? Get a tarot deck and follow the advice shared above. This way, you’ll get the most out of every tarot reading session. And if you don’t feel so confident about the DIY approach for tarot reading, then get help from expert readers. And if you need any help with how to read tarots and navigate your life, connect with your Guardian Angel. They’ll guide you with everything related to tarot cards and the like.