Making Halloween Special With Your Guardian Angel

  29 October, 2021

Halloween is around the corner. It is a festival where people have fun with their friends, neighbours and strangers as well. But have you thought of celebrating this festivity with your Guardian Angel? Well, it is a new concept — and for our love of Guardian Angel, we will shed light on it.

Guardian Angel

So, how can you celebrate Halloween with your Guardian Angel, huh? It is a million-dollar question for sure. And to help you answer this specific question, we will first explain the significance of celebrating Halloween. Afterwards, we will fill you in on the process of enjoying Halloween with your angelic friend. Ready? Let us get down to the details then.

Halloween: A Crisp Snapshot

Every year, on 31 October, people celebrate Halloween. This time, the holiday of Halloween will fall on a Sunday. The culture of celebrating Halloween arose with the ancient Celtic fest. In this festival, people would wear strange costumes and light bonfires to shoo away ghosts and unwanted spirits. It was in the 8th century that Pope Gregory III earmarked 1 November as a period of honouring saints.

Sooner than later, Saints Day found a place in almost every Christian tradition. The evening before Saints Day, people started celebrating Hallows Eve. Over time, people started calling Hallows Eve Halloween. And with time, Halloween became a day where people indulged in several activities such as festive gatherings, trick-or-treating, doing festive get-togethers, carving jack-o-lanterns, eating treats and donning costumes.

Guardian Angels And Halloween

Now, you know a thing or two about Halloween. So, how can you associate your Guardian Angel with Halloween? Well, here is the answer. First of all, you have to remember that Saints Day is on the next day of your Halloween. So, it is from Halloween itself that you will have to make your bond with your Angel stronger. Then only you can expect to accrue the blessings of your Angel and other saints on Saints Day.

Now, here is the question that may be buzzing in your mind: How can I use Halloween to make my bond with my Guardian Angel stronger, anyway? The answer is simple. You have to pray to your Guardian Angel — that is the first thing you have to do every day. Then you will have to play dress-ups with your friends, kids and family members. Yes, you cannot downplay the tradition, no matter what.

However, remember that you will dress up as an Angel. And staying true to the spirit of an Angel, you will only treat and not trick anyone. We know that this whole shebang may sound downright boring since you will miss out on playing tricks. But if you want to solidify your bond with your Guardian Angel, you will have to ensure that you never hurt or trouble anyone, not even in jest.

Wrapping It Up

Your relationship with your Guardian Angel is precious. There is no two ways about it. That is why you should make sure to use Halloween to strengthen your bond with your Guardian Angel. And, now, you know that how you ought to celebrate Halloween. So, this Halloween, get closer to your Guardian Angel in spirit and make your life an unending festival of joy and optimism.