Two Unanswered Questions About Guardian Angels Finally Get Answered

  28 October, 2021

Your Guardian Angel is always with you. The fact is, he will always help, guide and protect you. That is what an Angel’s work all about. The Lord sends his Guardian Angel so that you are able to overcome your life’s challenges and get spiritually awakened. Since these angelic friends are integral to everyone’s lives, people often seek answers that explain and define them. Among so many questions about Guardian Angels, two questions are often left unanswered. This explainer attempts to answer these two common questions about angelic friends.

guardian angel

Question #1: Has My Guardian Angel Visited Me?

When you begin learning about your angelic friend, you will want to know about the signs and symbols that explain that he has visited you. The best part is that your Guardian Angel will most likely let his presence known to you. And this presence is all the more felt whenever a person is seriously looking for her or his Guardian Angel. If you are one of these people, you may watch for different signs. Here are some of these signs for your quick reference.

  • Pay attention to the numbers that recur in your life — these can be Angel Numbers that your friend from heaven sends your way.
  • Whenever the feeling of togetherness overwhelms you, it is quite likely that your Angel is with you or has been there with you all this time.
  • If your baby or pet sees someone — whom you may not see — and start to feel joy, then your Guardian Angel or a noble spirit is nearby. The fact is, animals and babies do not exist on the same frequencies as grown-ups do; that is why they sense the divine presence faster than adults may do.

Question #2: How Do I Know That My Guardian Angel Is With Me?

This is the second question that believers in Guardian Angels want to find out. How do you know that your Angel has been there with you or is still there with you? Whenever your Angel is there with you, you will start feeling a surge of joy. This joy will take over your heart. For instance, you may suddenly feel joy without any reason. When you feel this sort of joy, you may rest assured that your Angel is walking with you.

This is a straightforward and simple technique to understand whether your Guardian Angel is near you. Whenever your Guardian Angel is nearby, you will feel a sense of confidence as well. Those who earnestly pray for their Angels and meditate with them will receive protection. And this protection will come to the believers in the form of courage and fortitude in the face of challenges.

Final Thoughts

So, we have answered two of the most common questions for you. With the help of these answers, you must have already deepened your understanding of Guardian Angels. Strengthening your understanding of Guardian Angel will help you receive his blessings and lead a happy and fulfilling life.