Three Best Healing Crystals For Pain Relief Explored

  7 August, 2021

Chronic conditions have become more common these days. One thing that comes with chronic health conditions is painful symptoms. You may have tried a number of things for alleviating pain. Nonetheless, the pain has a way to hit you again and again. But have you worked with healing crystals for helping you alleviate pain? If you haven’t yet, then now’s the time to try crystals as your pain-reliever.

Healing Crystals

Top Crystals That’ll Help You Get Rid Of Painful Symptoms


People use this healing crystal for relieving general pain. Not just that, the stone helps minimise the pain that results from your body’s circulatory issues. Thanks to the healing stone’s detoxification properties, it’ll help diminish the pain coming from the toxic overload. And if you think that’s all this stone can do, then you’re mistaken. The fact is, this healing stone absorbs negative emotions and replaces them with vitality and strength. This way, the stone is used for improving physical issues related to different mind-body connections. That means hematite is among the most popular grounding stones that’ll neutralise negative energy and help you stay stress-free.


People use this healing stone as a pain-reliever. Why? Because this stone helps strengthen a body’s capability to self-heal. This stone’s root chakra optimises a body and its reproductive organs, too. As it works to improve a body’s reproductive organs, bloodstone helps reduce the pain related to menopause or PMS; also, ladies use the stone for making labour pain more bearable. Besides, bloodstone often acts as a blood cleanser that purifies the bloodstream and energises a body’s circulatory system. The stone will help you boost your immune function, detoxify your body organs, and realign your body’s lower chakras with your heart chakra.

Clear Quartz

We cannot ignore this healing stone whenever we’re discussing stones that’ll help relieve pain. Also referred to as “The Master Healer”, clear quartz can be used by your body to relieve any form of pain or ailment. The stone helps improve your body’s energy flow. Which is why, you can use clear quartz to support your circulatory system and flush the pain out from your body. The stone is even helpful for anyone who suffers a lot from migraines. Besides, this healing crystal will strengthen your aura and help you absorb the healing properties of other crystals which you use.

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