Three Proven Ways Of Managing Uncertainty Revealed

  19 December, 2021

Will I get a job by next month? Will I have enough funds to sustain myself and my family? These questions express sheer uncertainty. And if you leave uncertainty as it is, you will suffer from anxiety and stress. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought uncertainty in the air, too. So, this explainer makes all the more sense in these uncertain times.

Managing Uncertainty

The fact is that when it is about change, you may be unable to control the outcome. But you can always control your response to the outcome. That is what resilience is all about. Resilience provides the tools to cope with tough situations, challenges, and uncertainties. Since uncertainty is a big deal, we have thought of covering three hacks to help you handle it.

Letting It Go

Acceptance is the first step to dealing with any kind of uncertainty. You have to accept that you cannot control everything in your environment. You have to use iceberg beliefs to help you accept that you are not in control of everything. What are iceberg beliefs? Well, these beliefs are as big as icebergs—we are speaking metaphorically. These beliefs are bone-deep assumptions in your life. If you have the iceberg belief that uncertainty will not overwhelm you, then you will remain undefeated for the large part of your life. If you have the belief that nothing should change, then you will be affected by uncertainty. When you are more acceptable and tolerant, uncertainty will not rule you.

Imagining The Best Outcomes

You may want to spare yourself from disappointments. Thinking continuously about disappointments, however, will lead you into thinking about how things can always go wrong in life. Many cognitive therapists believe that people often tend to overestimate risks. That is when they start shining the spotlight on negative consequences. If you also do such a thing, then you are inviting a lot of anxiety into your life. When you keep focusing on negative influences, you will set yourself up for incredible failures. That is why it is important to always think about the best outcomes. This way, you will be more positive and healthier than ever. And when you are more positive, you will be in a better position to control your responses, all the while feeling good.

Reflecting Properly

You may have faced massive mountains of uncertainties in life. And you may know that most of the uncertainty in life happens because you do not reflect properly. There is even a concept in psychology that goes by the name of hindsight bias. This concept says that we have this illusion that everything in the past has now become certain. In reality, when the past did not become past, you were not certain about it. The major chunk of your uncertainty lies in your incapability to reflect properly. If you reflect on a situation properly, you will be able to weigh its pros and cons effectively. And when you start to reflect properly, you will start to react aptly. This way, you will quash your tendency to remain uncertain in life.

Summing It Up

Now, you know a thing or two about coping with uncertainty. Apply the tips that we have shared above in your life and handle uncertainty like a champ. Once you keep uncertainty at arm’s length, you will be able to support your well-being and enjoy good health. Now, it is your turn to tell us in the comments how you manage uncertain moments in life. We are all eyes.