Top 3 FAQs on Numerology Answered

  18 April, 2021

Numerology fascinating and are curious to know how this study of numbers works. In this blog, we’ll answer three of the most commonly asked questions about this study so that your understanding of this grows stronger.

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Question #1: What’s the meaning of numerology numbers?

The nine single-digit figures in numerology are known as its building blocks. In numerology, these numbers represent a special array of character traits, meanings, and symbols that can also have spiritual undertones. The fact is, every number in numerology has its unique personality.

 Numerologists analyse the messages that each number is sending their way so that they can understand life’s hidden designs. The calculations performed in numerology can be reduced to a single digit. There can be some exceptions to this rule, though; for example, Angel Numbers and Master Numbers may not be brought down to a single digit.

Question #2: Does numerology involve science?

Generally, your blueprint comprises your birthdate, name, and your numbers, their relationship with one another, and their combinations with each other. Understanding these relationships will help you make sense of different dimensions of your life. When you refer to a numerology chart, you’ll have the information including your birth name and birth date—this chart is also known as your spiritual blueprint.

It is the science of understanding this spiritual blueprint of anyone’s life. Your spiritual blueprint will carry different numbers. A numerologist will understand the meanings of these number and their placements to help you better guide in making the right decisions in your life.

Question #3: Is the number 13 an unlucky number in numerology?

It’s often presumed that the number 13 acts as a harbinger of misfortune. It’s speculated that this number may have gotten its bad reputation from ancient texts including the Bible. However, a spiritual discipline where this number doesn’t suffer from bad repute is numerology. The discipline of numerology explains the spiritual significance of numbers. In this field, it’s believed that numbers get their energy from their spiritual significance instead of superstition. Numerologists believe that some numbers may be thought as luckier than the rest, but not even a single one is flat-out bad. It’s just that some numbers may require more tenacity and efforts from you.

Do you know numerology shares many things with one other guiding force in your life?

It carries the ability to explain why you’ve made certain choices and helps you understand your weaknesses and strengths. For example, good numerologists will be able to analyse why you were brought into a specific relationship. It seems that there are many commonalities between numerology and one more thing whose guidance and love will help you make the right decision in life. That one thing is your Guardian Angel.

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