3 Myths about Astrology Finally Get Debunked

  17 April, 2021

Astrology analyses the position of stars for gaining fresh insight into your life, and it has been there for hundreds of thousands of years. Despite being an ancient practice, this has received its fair share of myths.


Going through editorialised horoscopes in newspapers and magazines is fun. However, it won’t convey the exact meaning of this powerful tool, which has helped many people navigate their world. In reality, astrology enables everyone to take charge of their life in a small way and fulfil their destiny. For putting this treasured road map into use, a few myths have to be debunked.

Myth #1: Astrology involves magical and paranormal elements

Those who are sceptical about astrology often categorise it as mysterious. The truth is, It is based on the way the universe looks on the day when someone is born. It relies on a birth chart that holds the details about the position of the universe, stars, and different planets at the time of someone’s birth.

You can also think of astrology as the science of light. This study determines the light of the planets reaching the earth. It shares some similarities with the science taught in school, so it isn’t mystical.

Myth #2: Astrology is a way to kill the time

Most of you like reading horoscopes and might think of them as entertaining. However, It is way more meaningful than a hobby. The concepts of reincarnation and karma find their traces in astrology, too; it’s based on the belief that when someone dies, their soul exits from their body. According to Vedic traditions, when a soul leaves a body, it also takes along with it the subconscious mind that carries someone’s experience, desires, feelings, emotions, feelings, and karma.

The subconscious mind cannot think on its own, though—it just exists. To process reams of information, the soul will have to enter into a new body. Your subconscious may also play an important role in picking the time, place, and conditions in which someone is born. This way, your birth chart is your karma’s eventuality, which has come to the point that it can form your destiny in the present lifetime. Long story short: Your birth chart is your destiny’s blueprint which uses a language that only an astrologer understands.

Myth #3: Astrology helps change someone’s future

This myth is actually a dangerous assumption that most people have about astrology. Opposite to many popular beliefs, astrology isn’t about guessing what’ll happen to anyone down the road. Instead, it’s a guiding tool that empowers people to make wise decisions and avoid pitfalls in life. In reality, astrology helps people align their lives with the universe. If your life and the universe are unaligned, you’ll keep making the wrong decisions.

However, if you practise this , you’ll guide yourself to take better and more practical decisions. Many people start assuming that an astrologer can change their destiny and life to a great extent. That’s not possible, though. Think about it: An astrologer hasn’t formed your destiny, so it’s impossible that she or he can change it. Your karma and subconscious shape your destiny. When you start believing in astrology, you start editing your destiny a bit by making conscious choices and taking the right decisions. Only you can control your destiny by doing the right thing at the right time—and astrology can be the guiding light to help you walk the road of your life wisely.

In many ways, resorting to astrology is like having a Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

There are many things common between practising astrology and having your Guardian Angel. The most significant common point between the two is that both of them help you show the right way and urge you to walk on it. However, finding your Guardian Angel is no walk in the park.

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