Understanding Different Chakras Of The Human Body

  17 August, 2021

Have you ever noticed why star signs and personality quizzes resonate so well with you? Well, it’s because they give you a fresh lens of understanding yourself. And here’s where chakras of the human body also come in. These chakras also provide you with a fresh lens so that you can focus on yourself. You can think of chakra systems as your spiritual energy centres. As mentioned in the ancient Hindu texts, charkas have a functional purpose. Let’s take a deep dive into each of these chakras.


The First Chakra Includes The Manifester

This chakra tells you that you’re the manifester, the builder, or the expert. It’s also encouraged by accomplishments and success. Not just that, this chakra helps you do the hard work, the smart work, and even the consistent work. If you start manifesting the power of this chakra, you’ll become decisive and dependable. On the other hand, if you work along with this chakra for too long, you’ll struggle way too much by overcommitting yourself. Make sure that if you keep showing the power of this chakra, your work ethic will soon make you a workaholic. That’s why it’s important to always maintain a flawless work-life balance if you’re working with this chakra.

The Second Chakra Is Of The Creator

If you’re way too creative in whatever you do, then you’re manifesting the power of this particular chakra. Regardless of whatever you’re up to, you’ll do that thing with a visible creative flair. That’s the power this specific chakra brings to the table. When you’re ruled by this particular chakra, you’ll start honouring emotions, sensuality, and beauty. And if you’ve started feeling the power of this chakra too much in your day-to-day life, then here’s a word of caution. Don’t let your emotions get the better of you. Because when that happens, you’ll start overindulging. Eventually, overindulgence will lead to the formation of self-sabotaging tendencies. When this particular chakra empowers you, you’ll have to make its power align with your integrity.

The Third Chakra Comprises The Thinker

If you’re ruled by this particular chakra, you’ll make your brain works like a computer; it’ll continually process ideas, thoughts, emotions, and other data. When this chakra starts governing your behaviour, you should be motivated by a can-do spirit and your inherent positivity. This way, you’ll become more intellectual, logical, and structural. You’ll also begin noticing that this chakra will help you thrive on making a plan and putting together all the details. Nonetheless, this chakra even makes you vulnerable to your ultra-perfectionism and the judgements passed by others.

The Fourth Chakra Includes The Relater

When your fourth chakra dominates in your life, you’ll lead from the heart centre. This chakra leads you into believing that life becomes happy only when the happiness is shared with others. This chakra makes you a ball of love who’s compassionate and heals others. You’ll even excel at the art of sharing your thoughts, things, and yourself with your loved ones. Nonetheless, you must never become prone to being addicted to love. It’s because this addiction will easily lead you to imbalances in receiving and giving. Also, never forget your self-worth in your quest for caring for others and supporting them.

The Fifth Chakra Will Make You A Communicator

When this particular chakra dominates your life, your passion for learning, sharing, and teaching others will be the light of your life. You’ll always live your life to explore the philosophical aspect of your life. You may even value every type of communication and may even captivate others’ attention with your storytelling abilities. Moreover, this chakra will make you dedicated to sharing the truth. This also means you’ll be good at giving solid pieces of advice, which get things done. Nonetheless, you must avoid the temptation of getting lost in thoughts or doing navel-gazing because that may push your head towards anxiety.

The Sixth Chakra Makes You The Visualiser

The moment this chakra dominates your life, you’ll start to see the big picture. Not only would you imagine all the probable outcomes of the present situation, but you’ll even mindfully analyse the nuances of yesterday. You may even visualise even the most alluring spaces and build them from the ground up. For you, beauty matters and design rules in every situation. And as you’ll be a visualiser at heart, your decisions will be backed by a strong strategy. But make sure you don’t let your thoughts become misperception. When this chakra dominates every aspect of your life, you’re likely to become self-focused to the extent that you may ignore others’ needs. Whenever you’re visualising beauty, make sure you’re not overly concerned about its outside appearance. Instead, focus on the inner beauty, too.

The Seventh Chakra Helps You Unlock The Spiritualist

The moment this chakra starts ruling your life, you’ll illuminate your surroundings with your sheer devotion. You even have spiritual qualities, such as justice, values, and ethics. In every situation, you’re driven by your passion for creating harmony. Eventually, this chakra will make you a true seeker in life—a person who’s finding purpose in her life and helping others do the same. Last but not least, this chakra will enable you to become a person who thrives on prayer and meditation. That’s how you’ll manifest your true wisdom. But when your life is packed with insights, you’re likely to believe that you know everything. That’s why whenever this chakra dominates your life, you must safeguard yourself against your inflated ego taking charge. The thing is, you must give yourself permission to become a human first.

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