Your Go-To FAQ Guide On Tarot Cards

  16 August, 2021

Mystic. Enigmatic. Enchanting. These three words succinctly explain the world of tarot cards. People assume that tarots help in fortune-telling and predicting the future. But that’s untrue. In reality, tarot cards are a tool of divination. This tool can provide guidance, which will help you navigate your life with complete confidence. As the world of tarots is packed with questions, we’ve thought of answering some of them in this explainer. Let’s get started.

tarot cards

Question #1: What Do Tarot Cards Represent?

Answer: Well, let’s address the elephant in the room first. Tarots will share subtle messages that’ll guide you in life. The guidance you receive from tarots will help you make sense of the happenings and events surrounding your life. When you live by the guidance that you receive from a reading session, you’ll take accurate decisions regarding your career, money, love, and life in general.

Question #2: How Do Readers Interpret The Meaning Of Cards?

Answer: Each tarot deck comes with a playbook or guidebook. When you read this book and then analyse the spread, you’ll find it easier to interpret whatever’s happening in your life. But the practice of tarot reading isn’t about fixing one single meaning to a card or about interpreting a card’s message in one way only. Instead, good readers will flex their intuitive muscles everytime theyset their eyes on a spread.

Question #3: Once You Choose A Card, Do You Put It Back In The Deck?

Answer: There are two options. First, you can put the card back in the deck once your reading session is done. The second option lies in thinking deeply about the message that the card tried to deliver to you. That means you can keep the card somewhere nearby so that you can refer to it again whenever you need to do it. Here’s a rule of thumb: Always keep the card back in the deck, which will go back to the card box. And the card from which you read should sit on the top of the deck face-up. At the same time, all the other cards on the deck remain face-down.

Finding A Fresh Way Of Making Sense Of Every Reading Session

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