Why You Should Find Out Who Your Guardian Angel Is And Connect With Them

  18 July, 2019

You might be here because you’ve heard others talking about their “spirit guides” and you’re wondering whether you could possibly have a spirit guide too? There are many types of spirit guides. Depending on your beliefs; there are ancestors, animal totems, gods and goddesses, ascended beings, and light beings. Some of these light beings include Archangels whose mission is to be guardians to humans on Earth. It’s really important to find out who your guardian angel is and connect with them and this is why.

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Everybody has a guardian angel, including you

What makes Archangels different from other types of guides is that everybody has one no matter where they are in their spiritual journey. Guardian angels are not just for a select chosen few.

It’s also easy to find out who your Archangel is, as all you need to know is your date of birth. There is an assigned guardian angel to specifically watch over every day of the year. Unlike astrology, where people get stumped if they don’t know their time of birth, all you need is your birthday.

The benefits of getting to know your guardian angel

Most humans on Earth would find the idea of having a guardian angel appealing. Here are some reasons why:

1. Unconditional love and support

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a pure, wiser being guide you through your life with unconditional love? Imagine having the peace-of-mind of knowing that you have someone who supports you unconditionally and will guide and support you through the more difficult periods from a non-judgmental perspective, providing you with impartial, loving advice through their angel messages.

It’s a serene feeling to know that you’re not alone in this world. Unlike humans, they don’t have ulterior motives, they don’t help others to make themselves look good/altruistic, all they’re interested is in your spiritual development and guiding you through your spiritual awakening.

2. Learn your life purpose

Your guardian angel will not only guide you, he/she can also give you a glimpse into your life’s mission, your purpose in life—how you’re meant to make your contribution to humanity on this planet in this lifetime.

We were all born with a mission in life, we all play a role in bettering humanity as a whole. Of course you can also simply choose angels that feel right for you in addition to the ones assigned to guide you at birth, but it really helps to know the ones specifically sent to help you discover your life path and life purpose.

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3. Enrich your spiritual life

If you’re interested in astrology, numerology, or tarot, you will really enjoy working with Archangels as all these esoteric arts disciplines interconnect. You can also work with decks of angel oracle cards and learn more about numerology through angel numbers.

4. Help you navigate through life on Earth

Your guardian angels are also there for you to deal with the more earthly aspects, from law of attraction to abundance, your Archangels are here to help you.

Meet Your Guardian Angel

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