Your Go-To Guide To Understanding The Yes-No Tarot Reading

  4 December, 2021

The yes-or-no tarot readings will be excellent for beginners. Why? It’s because this technique of tarot reading is dead simple. This technique involves one focused question. When you have this question in mind, you pull a card that may carry any of the three answers—”maybe”, “no”, or “yes”.

Tarot Reading

As this form of reading is totally stripped down, experienced tarot readers will find this approach not find too concrete. Tarot cards have the incredible power to add nuances and fresh layers to a life’s story. Most of the time, asking a single question actually limits the power of the whole process.

Despite all the negative aspects associated with the yes-or-no tarot readings, this is a fab way of practising card interpretation and analysing the energy of a specific situation. However, you must do some things before practising the yes-or-no tarot reading. In this explainer, we’ll walk you through the yes-or-no tarot reading and when to use this form.

Before Starting The Session Of The Yes-Or-No Tarot Reading 

First of all, you have to prepare for this form of tarot reading. You have to keep in mind the following steps in mind before you begin your tarot reading session. So, without any further ado, let’s get down to the details.

When Should You Use This Tarot Reading Session?

The yes-or-no tarot reading will be helpful if you’re planning on making a decision in the near future. For instance, you may consult the cards if you want to know what you should do regarding a decision that’s about to happen in life. For example, consult the cards for seeing whether you should do something or not.

A few people also use this form of tarot reading for understanding the outcome of a specific situation. For instance, there’ll be many questions in mind; these questions may be related to your personal or professional life.

Always remember that no tarot card can represent your fate in the absolute sense. That’s why reading outcomes indicates all the favourable and unfavourable conditions, not necessarily what’ll happen down the road.

Defining The Question As Clearly As Possible 

Your question has to be focused. The idea is that you must design a question for this form of reading that can be answered as a yes or a no. Like, if you’re asking about your love life in this reading session, you must ask a question whose answer is either a yes or a no. 

The thing is that complex questions will not work in this reading session; here’s a complex question: “Why doesn’t my spouse want to live with me anymore?” Second, you must avoid asking two questions hidden inside one big question. 

This way, you won’t receive an answer for either of the questions you’re planning to ask. Like, you can ask a question where you’re asking whether my partner wants to move in with me. The answer to this question will be either a yes or a no. So, such questions are ideal for a yes-or-no tarot reading.

Wrapping It Up

Now, you know a thing or two about the yes-or-no tarot reading session. If, however, you’ve got a few other notable tips to make such a reading session a success, then drop your thoughts in the comments below. We’re all eyes!