10 Points That You Should Know about Your Guardian Angels

  13 April, 2021

Guardian Angels accompany people from the time they’re born.The concept of Guardian Angels supervising human beings dates back to ancient times. The Greek philosophy discussed the idea of Guardian Angels, for instance.

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In the Old Testament, you’ll read about a group of heavenly figures surrounding God. These figures worship God and take action in His stead. That means they can be associated with anyone who lives in the grace of the Almighty. The best part is that these Angels are always nearby, and you have to find them. Here are ten points that’ll help you know more about this.

It’s time to know about your them in detail

1. Guardian Angels always exist

Ancient texts including the Gospel affirm the existence of them  through several episodes and examples.

2. They’re always there

These wasn’t created with us. Rather, they’ve always existed from the time God created them.

3. Everyone has a Guardian Angel

We all have one Guardian Angel and only one. Most importantly, we cannot trade our Guardian Angel or share them.

4. Not all Angels become a Guardian Angel

Angels are different from one another; a few Angels require to take a test, for example. If they pass the test, they’ll be qualified to become Angels.

5. Your Angel will shepherd us on the path to the heaven

They cannot force us to follow any specific path and won’t decide on our behalf us too. That’s why Angels will always be reliable advisors.

6. The Angel won’t abandon us

We can always depend on our Angel in this lifetime and in the coming ones too. These special and invisible friends won’t leave us alone.

7. Angels aren’t a dead person’s spirit

It’s always nice to feel that our Angel may be someone who died. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. The angel cannot be anyone whom we’d known.

8. Angels fight on our side with complete devotion

They aren’t cute cherubs who’ll fly beside us playing harps. On the contrary, they’re strong warrior who won’t leave us when we’re too fragile and alone.

9. They’re our personal manager

God speaks to His Angels instead of talking directly to us. That’s why these celestial creatures need to make us understand His words and help us move in the correct direction.

10. Guardian Angels are nameless

The names of some Angels are confirmed in the Scriptures. Some Angels are named Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael. Giving other names to these angels isn’t confirmed or documented.

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Now, you know a thing or two about your Angels. But do you know how to connect with yours?

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