How to Contact Your Guardian Angel

  2 October, 2019

You might be here because you’ve heard others talking about their “spirit guides” or “guardian angel” and wondering whether you could possibly have a spirit guide too. And if you do, how to contact your guardian angel or spirit guide?

How to Contact Your Guardian Angel

First of all, we all have a spirit guide in the form of an Archangel. Every single one of us, without exception, has an Archangel assigned to watch over us based on the date we were born.

How do I contact my guardian angel?

You can contact your guardian angels through several ways, these are all learnable, but they may take some practice:

1. Guided Meditations

Doing a guided meditation can help ease yourself into a state-of-mind that makes it easier for you to connect with your Archangel.

2. Rituals

Archangels are light beings who can be invoked through love and light. There are rituals to help you call your guardian angel. For example: Some people create an altar with angel oracle cards featuring their birthday’s angel.

3. Say a guardian angel prayer

There are specific prayers you can say to invite your guardian angel to come into your space. But if you don’t know the  angel prayer, you can start by saying, “I’m ready to meet you and receive angel messages from you”, and kindly ask them to show you  angel signs to confirm their presence.

4. Set an appointment with your guardian angel at a certain hour

You can literally set an appointment with your guide! Each Archangel has a certain timeframe during the day and parts of the year assigned to him/her. These are the best times to pray to your guardian to invoke your guardian angel.

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Remember: Light attracts light

One thing to keep in mind, when trying to communicate with your guardian angel, you must maintain a positive tone. If you’re familiar with the “law of attraction”, you may already know that positive thoughts invite positive events and positive people into our lives.

You don’t have to be a lightworker to contact your Archangel. Afterall, everybody has a light being guide but not everybody is a lightworker.

But if you really want to develop a good relationship with your angel guide and regularly receive their angel guidance, you must approach these light beings with good intentions and positivity.

How will I know if it’s worked?

There are signs that our guardians send our way to let us know that they are around us. But one of the most common signs is seeing angel numbers wherever you go. Angel numbers are the main way these light beings communicate, for example, you may see repeating numbers like 11:11 on your clock.

Ready to meet your guardian Archangel?

Now that you know how to initiate contact with your guardian Archangel, you can practice reaching out to them. But of course, it would be helpful to know who to contact first.

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