3 Healing Crystals That’ll Create Positive Energy in Your Environment

  23 May, 2021

Positive Energy,Healing crystals store intentions and thoughts. Healing crystals pack metaphysical power inside them. And the world has been privy to this power since time immemorial. Since ancient times, people have used healing crystals all over the world. Nowadays, people have restored their faith in the power of these crystals.

Healing stones carry the  positive energy from the moon, the oceans, and the sun. In fact, these semi-precious crystals store too much positive energy. That’s why you’ll naturally experience this raw energy the moment you come in contact with one of these crystals.

Positive Energy

Because of the coronavirus and other stressors, the world is reeling under a tsunami of negativity. To conquer negativity, people yearn for sunshine—a ray of positivity. That’s why we’re sharing the names of three crystals that’ll help develop positive energy.

Let’s get down to brass tacks.

Black Tourmaline

Do you know which stone acts as one of the biggest energy purifiers of all time? It’s black tourmaline. This healing stone comes with cleansing properties. These properties help you wade off negative energies from every nook and cranny of your space. That’s what many people have been doing since ancient times. 

You can place this healing stone near your home’s entrance so that negative energies don’t come inside your place. Other than placing the stone in your home’s entryway, you can also place each one of these stones in your different bedrooms. Especially, consider placing the stone near your bed because it helps bring down electromagnetic field effects.


Citrine comes with its pure yellow positive energy. This healing stone is a primary healing crystal that’ll help you manifest your self-will and imagination. This crystal also packs the energy and power of the sun. Because this crystal is so powerful, it can easily activate the chakras. This way, Citrine also helps you transform all your desires into tangible realities. You can use Citrine to improve the quality of your meditation sessions. You just have to keep this healing stone on your altar and start meditating. Moreover, the crystal also encourages you to be more optimistic.

Rose Quartz

Maybe you’re too troubled with your relationship. It may happen that your significant other or friend may be filling your life with negativity. If that’s the case, then you’ll appreciate the positivity that rose quartz will deliver. This healing crystal will help you transform your bad moods into good moods for real. Most people who have a very poor romantic outlook choose rose quartz to help them. This healing crystal will help people get the clarity they need for creating positivity in their relationships.

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