3 Reasons Why Your Guardian Angel May Not Be Answering Your Wishes

  24 May, 2021

You have your Guardian Angel watching over you 24/7. Your Angel will always protect you. That’s why God sent them to you. But some of you may not be able to get your Angels to listen to your prayers. Some of you may be unable to get what you want from your Angels.

Guardian Angel

In these tough times, you may think about why your Angels are ignoring you in the first place? You may even get frustrated with your Angels for not answering your wish. So, what should you do in these hard times? First and foremost, understand why your Angels aren’t listening to you. Once you figure that out, you’ve solved half of the puzzle. That’s why we’re giving three reasons why your Guardian Angel may be ignoring you

Reason #1: When You Aren’t Able To Recognise Their Guidance

You have to understand an important requirement when you’re communicating with Angels. You have to be calm, relaxed, and at peace. Once you enjoy this kind of mindset, you’ll communicate better with your Guardian Angels. Additionally, your zen will also help you understand the angelic guidance. You have to make sure you’re taking note of every subtle sign that your Angel sends your way. But don’t expect that your Angel will spoon-feed you. Instead, you have to pray for the wisdom to understand the indirect indications that your angelic friend will send your way.

Reason #2: When Your Wish Has An Intrinsically Negative Nature

You have to be careful what you pray for. If your pray has a negative element attached to it, your Angel will turn a deaf ear to it. It’s as simple as that. Your Angel will never let you cultivate any form of negativity in your heart. The role of your angelic being is to help you figure out how you can be a better person. But if you pray that someone should get hurt or someone should die, then this kind of prayer will do more harm than good. Besides, Angels will never hurt anyone. No matter what.

Reason #3: When You Fail To Understand That Every Prayer Takes The Divine Time

Like everyone else, you may also wish that your prayers should get answered blazingly fast. But you have to remember that you cannot fulfil your prayers overnight. The reason is that it takes a lot of time to build and achieve the divine timing that’s right for you. In superior dimensions, nobody’s bound by time. In these dimensions, the only time’s now. But that’s not the case on Earth. In this place, Angels will have to work according to Earth’s time limits. So, that’s why prayers may take a tad longer to get answered. You have to understand all these factors and show immense patience even if your prayers are taking forever to get fulfilled. And, meantime, make it a point to have immense gratitude for your Guardian Angel.

Now, you know the three reasons why your Angel may not be listening to you. And, now, you even know the way of making your Guardian Angel listen to your wishes. But do you still want to improve the way you communicate with your Guardian Angel? If you nod in the affirmative, then we, at angeloasis.com, are there to help.

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