Exploring and Explaining the Science That Backs Healing Crystals

  27 April, 2021

Healing crystals includes alternative crystals. Don’t know what these crystals are? Well, they’re fossilised minerals with multiple healing properties. Healing Crystals help fight depression, bring peace of mind, and do a lot more amazing stuff.
What’s more? Many people, including some celebs, vouch for the effectiveness of these crystals. Not just that, people have used healing crystals since ancient times as medicines. Even now, some priests align healing crystals with body chakras.

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That’s why many people are adopting healing crystals for practising self-care.
But how do these crystals heal? Let’s answer this question by understanding the science behind healing crystals.

How do crystals heal?

Experts believe that healing crystals have the power to heal.

They store positive energy and help it flow in the body. Similarly, crystals help people flush out the toxic energy from their bodies. These special stones channel a body’s energy levels and focus on its inner healing.

Not just that, crystals help induce placebo effects too; these effects even help in medical treatment. But how do crystals do all of this amazing stuff?

Here’s the thing. Every healing rock has a specific frequency or vibration. A stone’s frequency rises from its molecular composition. Like many essential oils out there, the stones’ energies help uplift someone’s mood and improve their health. And how do these stones work? So, you have to put the crystal over your body. Over there, it’ll interact with your body’s chakra and will promote mental well-being as well as physical health.

What’s more? Whenever you use the crystals in a specific way, you’ll boost your creativity and concentration. And if that wasn’t enough, the stone also promotes emotional, spiritual, and emotional cleansing.

Besides, these healing stones are like magnets that can welcome good vibes and absorb negative energies. As these stones are found in nature, they store natural-healing energies. These energies come from natural resources like oceans, the sun, and the moon.

Speaking of the crystal’s vibration, we’d like to confirm that it’s it depends on anyone using the stone. That means the stone’s vibration depends on the vibration of anyone using it. So, if you believe in the healing power of the stone, it’ll help you find ease and positivity faster. Also, when you use balancing crystals effectively, you’ll match your misaligned energy levels.

Phew! That’s a lot of work these stones do.

Now that you know a thing or two about stones, how can you improve their healing capacity?

How to boost a crystal’s healing capacity

Here’s where Guardian Angels come in. When you use a healing crystal under the guidance of your Angel, you’ll make the most out of your stone. These Angels know proven ways of maximising the stone’s healing potential.
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