3 Ways Crystals Will Help Improve Your Relationship

  24 April, 2021

Crystals are everywhere. Today, you’ll find crystals in tarot spreads, yoga studios, and even water bottles. The popularity of crystal stones stems from their vibrational properties. Crystals aren’t just pretty, but they’re useful too.

3 Ways Crystals Will Help Improve Your Relationship

Moreover, crystal stones even help in improving your relationship. Because of this fact, you may be curious to find out what these crystals can do. So, here, we’re presenting three ways crystal stones help break relationship deadlocks.

But, first, let’s see what should you do before you start using the stones mentioned in this listicle.

The most important thing to do before working with crystals

Before you work with crystals, you should cleanse them and program them. You have to cleanse the stone of any bad energy of the miner or of the people who touched it. To cleanse the crystal, use any of them: sage, sound, mantras, or saltwater.

Once you finish cleansing the stone, program it. You have to say, “This crystal should be programmed to unlock my heart and connect with my higher self.” After it’s cleansed and programmed, the stone is ready to use.

Now that you know how to cleanse and program a stone, it’s time to see different stones that’ll help enhance the quality of your relationships.

Different crystals for solving different problems

Rose quartz helps with jealousy

When you see rose quartz, you’ll notice it looks so similar to love. If you’re jealous and loveless, rose quartz will help. Just put rose quartz stone over your heart for nearly eleven minutes while you breathe. At that time, absorb your day. During this time, ask the stone to cleanse your heart of jealousy. Request the stone to help you come from a place full of love.

Carnelian restores passion

Has your libido dried up? If so, carnelian stone will help. The stone is powerful to recycle any past-life experiences. Not just that, the stone brings back creativity and sexuality in your life. All in all, the stone is strong enough to help you take the right steps in developing a strong sexual bond between you and your partner.

Pyrite helps with money issues

Most people share the relationship vibe with their life’s money aspect, too. The challenge, however, is to resolve the problem by communicating your financial karma’s baggage with your partner. Journal your money issues and hold the pyrite stone, which is cleansed and programmed. The bottom line is that you have to be honest with yourself. You have to get the courage to identify what’s holding you back in your financial life. After identifying, you have to speak with your partner about it.

What’s the one way you can amplify the power of stones?

 white guardian angel

The answer lies to the question above with Guardian Angels. When you work with stones along with your Guardian Angel, you’ll surmount any relationship challenge easily. The only challenge now is connecting with your Guardian Angel.

We, at Angeloasis.com, will help you get started with finding your Angel. This way, you’ll improve your life’s relationship outcomes by using Angel and crystals together. Get in touch with our experts and take the first step in finding your Angel.