Everything You Should Know about Cleansing Your Crystal Stones

  25 April, 2021

Crystal stones,Have you bought new crystals? If so, cleanse them straightaway. Cleansing will become all the more important if you want to use the stones for healing purposes.

Cleansing Your Crystal Stones

Most people assume that cleansing is a physical process. However, that’s not true. Cleansing is a spiritual process. When you cleanse a stone, you neutralise it. The thing is, stones accumulate all kinds of energies—even negative ones.

That means people who’ve touched the stone, before you bought it, have transmitted their energies to it. When you cleanse the crystal Stones, you help the stone get rid of all these energies. This way, you make sure the stone is ready to heal you or anyone else.

In this blog, we’ll give you a rundown on how often should you cleanse the stone and how can you enhance its healing power.

How often should you cleanse your crystals?

The answer depends on what you’re using the stone for. For example, if you use the crystal for protecting yourself or anyone else, then cleanse it every day. The fact is, if you use your crystals a lot, then they’ll absorb more energy.

Most people even say that it’s good to cleanse the stones once a month. Now, this will be a good exercise if you’re picking a new moon or full moon cleanse. However, if your beautiful crystal is only sitting on your shelf, then it’s best to cleanse it twice or even once a year.

As far as cleansing your stones go, you have many options. Some of them include new moon, full moon, incense, and sound.

Now, you know how you can cleanse your crystals. But do you know how can you make the most of your stones?

How should you boost the power of crystal Stones?

If you know your Angel, you’ll see that the efficacy of crystal stones will go to a whole new level. Your Guardian Angel will help you use the crystal Stones in the best possible way. But the only question is, how should you find your Guardian Angel?

Here’s where we, at Angeloasis.com, come in.

We have a three-step process to help you find your Guardian Angel. The moment you use crystals under the guidance of your Angel, you’ll start witnessing the effects of your healing sessions. We’ve assisted many people to connect with the Angels of their life.

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