Angels And Colours: Revealing The Holy Link

  29 November, 2021

We love Guardian Angels. That is why we have written extensively about them. In this explainer, we will cover the special link that Guardian Angels have with colours. To put it simply, Angels are heavenly beings that carry light energy.

Guardian Angels

There is a big misconception about Guardian Angels that they were humans before. To set the records straight, Guardian Angels are not humans. For this reason, you will not see an Angel appearing in a human form. These Angels will not have any shape per se.

However, Guardian Angels appear as flashes of light. These Angels appear in the air as a streak of light or an orb, zipping across the sky. The truth is, different lights link to the presence of Guardian Angels. That is why we are dedicating this explainer to finding the holy link between Angels and colours. Ready? Let us get down to brass tacks.

The Most Common Angelic Lights Explored


Archangels who give out this shade are usually Uriel, Nathaniel and Sandalphon. An angel also emits a reddish hue to signify that you must embrace independence, strength and rootedness. This angelic colour also signifies rising physical energy that you have to channelise in the right direction.


This angelic colour signifies growth, change, pride, connection, passion and the sacral chakra. Moreover, this angelic hue signifies co-creation in terms of creativity and relationships is on the cards. Mostly, the Archangel Uriel emits an orangish shade.


Whenever you keep seeing a yellowish shade, you will be driven towards stimulation and support. Besides, this colour also symbolises that you must undertake different intellectual activities that will boost your self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence. Not just that, whenever you see yellow in the form of gold, you will add a sense of protection and healing. When you randomly see this colour in the sky, it means that different Archangels — such as Azrael, Ariel andJophiel — are about to visit you.


A blue angelic hue symbolises clear expression and communication. Your Guardian Angel sends you a blue hue to make you know that he is protecting you. Seeing this colour means that your angelic friend is lending you spiritual assistance and is actively protecting you from harm’s way. Many Archangels such as Haniel, Michael and Gabriel are emitting this shade.

Wrapping It Up

You know the different angelic colours that your Guardian Angel or Archangels send your way. Your angelic friend is always helping and guiding you towards building a better and more fulfilling life. So, now, whenever you see any of these colours appearing randomly in your life, you must believe that they are anything but random. And, then, you will have to decode the message of your Guardian Angel or your Archangel.

However, you have to make sure that you can decode the true meanings of these colours. For this purpose, you will have to build your wisdom of understanding the true meanings of your angelic colours. And this wisdom will come when you meditate and pray to your Angel or Archangel in earnest.