Two Questions on Guardian Angels Finally Answered

  30 November, 2021

You have a Guardian Angel in your life. Everyone has their Guardian Angels. But the question is, How can you make sure that you receive the protection and guidance from your angelic friend? The idea is to know your Angel better. Of course, you cannot downplay the importance of doing meditation and praying to your Guardian Angel. This explainer answers two concrete questions about Guardian Angels. The answers to these questions will help you know your Guardian Angel better. Without any further ado, people, let us get down to brass tacks.

Guardian Angels

Does My Guardian Angel Talk To Me?

The fact is that your Guardian Angel talks to you. However, your Angel does not live in the same realm in which you live. That is why your Angel will never communicate with you in the same way as your partner, friend or parent may do. Instead, your Guardian Angel may employ a variety of novel ways of talking to you. These ways comprise sending you numbers, colours or subtle messages in a particular way. However, believing in the fact that your Guardian Angel communicates with you starts with believing in your Angel. If you do not believe in the spiritual potential of your Guardian Angel, then you will never be able to talk to him.

You have to remember that your Guardian Angel is always in your corner, come what may. Also, remember the fact that your Angel always communicates with you. If you forget them or do not pay attention to their signs, you will be unable to process their messages. Angels are spirits, so their way of communicating is different. They usually communicate with you through thoughts, feelings and signs. So, keep an eye on these subtle and unusual angelic signs.

Does My Angel Have A Name?

Your Guardian Angels are not nameless heavenly beings. Instead, Angels have names. The Lord has given each Angel a name. Because of this reason, you must never try to rename your Guardian Angel. If you give names to your Angel, you change the name that the Lord gave to him. This way, you will end up disrespecting the Lord itself.

So, do not commit this blasphemy knowingly or unknowingly. You have to respect your Guardian Angel and cultivate the wisdom that will help you solidify your bond with him. Cultivating this wisdom will require you to pray to him and meditate, keeping him in mind. However, you must not waste time in doing frivolous activities such as giving names to your Guardian Angel.

Summing It Up

So, you now know two important questions whose answers have solidified your bond with your Angel. If you have any more of such unanswered questions that will help you inch closer to your Guardian Angel, drop them in the comments below. We will be glad to answer them for you in the upcoming posts. Until then, stay close to your Angel and receive their protection in every way of your life.