What Does It Mean To See Angel Number 11:11 And Why It’s So Special?

  1 October, 2019

You’ve probably been seeing angel number 11:11 for years without giving it much thought. But lately, perhaps you see people say, “it’s angel number 11:11! Make a wish!” on social media or you know a bride who insists her wedding date should be November 11.

And now you’re wondering, “What does 11:11 mean? Should I be excited?”

Yes! You just saw an angel number 11:11.

What are “angel numbers”

What are “angel numbers”?

Angel numbers are one way our guardian angels communicate with us. We all have a spirit guide in the form of a guardian angel.

This is no coincidence. These synchronicities are your angel guides’ way of communicating their angel messages to you. The sequences of repeating (11:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55) or consecutive (12:34) numbers are like the words these light beings use to communicate with us. Numbers are their language.

Which Archangel was assigned to watch over us through life is also determined by a sequence of numbers: namely, your date of birth.

Your guardian angels are just doing their job

Archangels’ responsibility as “guardian angels” is protecting and guiding humans they were assigned to through life. Although not all of us are aware of our guardian angel or actively communicate with them, they constantly give us discreet signs to let us know that they’re always there for us. 

Because every human on Earth has an Archangel but not everyone is in contact with their guardian angel, they contact us in a discreet way so as not to scare you. While Archangels are usually beautiful light beings that inspire a sense of peace, many of us would be shocked if a non-human entity visually appeared in front of us.

Why am I seeing angel numbers?

Usually, because your guardian angel has something to say. Perhaps you needed to a reminder that you’re not alone in this world. If you’re in distress, they’re letting you know it will be okay.

But it’s not only during times of difficulties. For example, if you see angel number 11:11 while you’re having fun on vacation, your guides remind you that you’re protected during your travels or you will see life from a different perspective and learn important life lessons during your trip.

Why am I seeing angel numbers

What’s so special about angel number 11:11?

The number one meaning of angel number 11:11 is, “you’re headed toward the right direction” (even if it feels like everything in your life is going wrong).

Seeing angelic numbers when you’re having a particularly bad day? That is your guardian angel reassuring you that an important life experience will nudge you toward the life purpose you were born into based on the day you came into this world.

The purpose of angel guides is to direct you to a higher consciousness, spiritual awakening, and spiritual development.

When you see angel numbers during unsettling times, it means your angel guides invite you to establish a deeper connection with them. You can contact your guardian angels and ask for angel guidance. All you have to do is ask.

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