Signs Your Guardian Angel Is Near You

  18 July, 2019

Are wondering what are the signs that prove your guardian angel is near you… ?

While every type of spirit guide has its own way of communicating with humans, Archangels as guardian angels have specific ways to communicate with us that you simply cannot miss.

You’ll know immediately that it’s an angel message when you see it.

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Here Are 5 Signs From Your Guardian Angel

1. Angel numbers

Our guardian angels like to use sequences of repeating (11:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55) or consecutive (12:34) numbers to communicate with us. Numbers are their language, they are called “angel numbers”. Numbers are like the words these light beings use to get their angel messages across in a discreet manner so as not to scare us.

Angel numbers are the most common way for Archangels to communicate with us, especially those of us who have never contacted or visually seen a non-human spiritual entity before.

2. Your Archangel’s individual characteristics

Since every Archangel has his/her own characteristics, the signs may feature those characteristics.

For example, Archangel Michael is considered the Warrior Prince of Light. He is associated with “pure bluish colour”, the element of fire, and swords. So, he might come to let you know of his presence through a blue light or even an orb, or you suddenly see a blue hue in everything you encounter, or the flame in your fireplace may suddenly flicker blue when it’s usually orange/yellow.

3. Your gut instinct and your physical body senses angelic presence

As humans, we have gut instincts and bodies that can sense the presence of unseen beings to protect us from danger.

But what if you sense “I’m not alone, there’s someone else in the room watching me from behind” but you don’t feel a sense of danger or feel threatened? Instead, you feel calm, serene, then you’re overcome with a sense of peace and tranquillity? Perhaps you sense the presence of your guardian angel.

4. Physical confirmations

Imagine you’re sending a text message to your friend, you type in, “I feel the presence of another being right behind me, except I don’t feel afraid. I think the guardian angel I just found out about online might be in the room with me!”

And then right after you hit “SEND”, the window behind you clatters from an unusually strong wind. That could be your guardian Archangel confirming his/her presence near you.

5. Direct answers

You can also request for a sign. You’ll have to ask positively (if you’re familiar with the “law of attraction”, you may already know that positive energy attracts similarly positive energy) and let your angel know what sign you’d like to see. For example, you can:

  • Explicitly say, “show me a cat/bird/owl if you’re near me?” Or, “give me any sign to let me know you’re here.”
  • Ask for an answer in the physical world or you can also request for answers through your dreams.

Learn more about each Archangel’s characteristics on the “Archangels” section of our site, or learn who your guardian angel is through our free guardian angel reading.