Some Battle-Tested Hacks To Make Sure Your New Habits Last For Long

  9 October, 2021

It’d be pretty nice if you’d do every single thing on autopilot. Your chores, your work, and your exercise—all of those things can happen automatically. It’ll sure be magic. Till the time this sort of magic doesn’t enter your life, you should expect to do your work, come hell or high water.

new habbit

Wait, there’s a way out to make sure you do everything you need to do on time every time. This way relies more on your dedication and less on robots or fancy tech. You have to be dedicated to creating the life you’ve always wanted. You must remain dedicated to create good habits. And, most importantly, you should be dedicated to sticking to those habits. After all, good habits help you create a good life. Does all of this sound overwhelming? Don’t worry. We’ve got your back. In this explainer, we’ll drop some proven tips to make sure your new habits stick.

Stick To A Good Habit For Thirty Days

Do you want to internalize a good habit in your life? If yes, then try to stick to this newly found habit for a period of thirty days. These thirty days are your conditioning phase. So, if you stick with a habit during the conditional phase, you’ll stick to this habit. This way, you’ll eventually help sustain a nice habit in your life.

Consistency Counts Every Time

Do you want a good habit to become part of your life? If yes, then you must make sure you’re consistent in performing the habit in question. Consistency is the only thing you’ll need to ensure that your favourite habit sticks with you for a long time. That’s why you have to make sure you’re performing this habit day in, day out. For instance, you may want to exercise. But, somehow, you can’t get up on time or come late from work. But if you’re committed and consistent, you’ll achieve a breakthrough.

Begin Simple

If you try to change your life absolutely, you won’t create a victory. The simplest thing is to start simple and slowly. When you start fast, you won’t be able to go the distance. But if you start simple and slowly, you’ll go the distance. It’s as simple as that. Because of this reason, when you begin a good habit, take one step at a time. If you start to transform everything on the first day, you won’t achieve anything significant.

Keep Reminding Yourself

You’ve started to create a habit because you have a goal. If you forget your goal, your mission, then it’s your job to keep reminding yourself of that goal. It’s natural that you may forget why you started building a habit in your life. And when you forget the purpose of a particular habit, you may quit altogether. That’s why it’s too important to make sure you remind yourself why you started whenever you feel that your resolve is getting fragile.

Wrapping It Up

So, we’ve dropped some cool tips to help you stick to a good habit. Do you have a couple of more tips to stick to a good habit for years? If yes, then drop your thoughts in the comments below. We’d definitely love to hear your thoughts.