Dec 22 - Jan 19


Capricorn natives have all the stars in their corner which will aid to stand out from the crowd. You will be praised and appreciated for your hard work, certain creative ideas will definitely be the talk of the day. Do not forget to give equal importance to both your personal and professional life. Approach things from a more practical perspective. Your stars are indicating towards a financial gain, however, do not fall for the Ponzi schemes that might try to trap you. Steer clear of such diversions and focus on your goal.


Your star’s alignment is indicating that a series of new ventures and projects and coming on your way. In order to exploit this opportunity to the fullest watch out for finer details. Students who are planning to appear for any sort of exam today, this is not the day for you. Do not worry, bigger opportunities are lined up for you always. Use your potential to the fullest, work on yourself for the time being. Trust your stars and let the plan of the cosmos unfold their plan.

Angelosis travel Travel

As far as long-time travel plans are concerned you do not have any cards in your pocket for that. But on the contrary, your stars are inclined a little bit towards the short duration travel plans. It is going to be a mixed bag of fun and bumpy ride. People who are planning to shift to a new place, can be a good day for you. Just a few things you need to keep in mind. Avoid rash driving and leave before your scheduled time.


With some strong aspects happening in and around your charts you are going to come across new friendships and acquaintances, this energy is going to help you to draw a line between friends and just pretenders. People who are married are going to resolve their issues and will get a chance to understand each other. You will be able to build your relationship on the foundation of trust and compatibility. This is going to aid Capricorn-born individuals to contemplate what they actually expect of themselves.


Although you are quite particular with your diets Capricorn, you are advised to keep in check your blood pressure today. Watch the amount of salt you are consuming. Planetary alignment is telling you to focus on what you have right now and not worry about petty issues. You’re strong and that never stopping mind needs to relax. Try to meditate it is going is allow your system a detox.

Angelosis luck Luck

Lucky color- Red and black

Lucky number 1, 9, and 5

Lucky alphabet you will be in sync with-G, L, and M

Cosmic tip- Do not overexert yourself.

Tips for Singles- Be honest about who you are.

Tips for Couples- Cheer up your better half, everyone has a bad day. It is your responsibility to identify the real issue and try to minimize it and not add on by arguing and putting the blame.


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