Feb 19 - Mar 20


Today is not the day for you to experiment. Pisces-born individuals are known for their charm and ability to take risks. However today it is advised for you to not take the roads less traveled. Sometimes it is wiser to do go with others and not do the out-of-the-box thing. Traditional approaches towards financial things will be a safe way to proceed today. Opportunities are coming your way, think and then act.


Your professional life is going through a turbulent phase. It is advised for you to consult an expert who can guide you aptly through these financial matters and will help your boat to sail. Do not worry this is just a phase. As a result of some strong transitions in and around the area of your chart, these things are happening. The timing is a little bad that’s all. Do not lose your calm and focus.

Angelosis travel Travel

Dear Pisces-born natives in terms of your travel plans, no long duration can be seen in the near future. However, it can be a fruitful thing to go out and explore new food items, cuisine. Find a new café, go for a long drive and try to take a break from things and rejuvenate. The times have been a little turbulent and you need to shudder off a little pressure.


Today is the day to communicate and rejuvenate your relationship. Remember relations are not only defined by romantic boundaries. There are other relationships in your life as well that need your attention and nurturing. Reconnect with your family and old friends. This is going to be one of the best times of your life. Surprise your loved ones with a small gift or a token of appreciation. Some things are better only when communicated and listened to.


A healthy body is the powerhouse of dazzling ideas. You seem to have to maintain that mind and body quite well. However, this is the time to pamper yourself now. Dear Pisces born you have got a beautiful face and exceedingly sharp features. A little bit of pampering can never hurt anyone, go for a haircut, put on a sheet mask, get that facial done, put on some radiating colors on your nails. Get involved in some kind of relaxing activity. If nothing, draw a bath for yourself with essential oils and bath salts.

Angelosis luck Luck

Lucky color- Orange and lavender

Lucky number- 4, 7 and 8

Lucky alphabet you will be in sync with- F and B

Cosmic tip- Every single thing in this universe happens for a reason. So do not worry about what is happening in your life. Learn your lessons properly and move on.

Tips for single- Meet new people with all that zest and energy.

Tips for couples- Sometimes it is better to go a little crazy.


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