Nov 22 - Dec 22


You might need to act incautiously and impulsively out of a mad outburst. Be that as it may, you are encouraged to keep your brain stable and think reasonably. You have the force of correspondence and you should utilize that in support of yourself. To lessen the degree of stress, go for any gutsy games which you like however don't enjoy animalistic joys. The things you were expecting for a long time are about to reach their final destination and healthy fruition is going to take place. Take a moment to count your blessings because today is going to be a special day for a Sagittarius.


Try not to get disillusioned since your endeavors have gone to no end and you need to re-work! The info given by you may have not been effective in settling the problems that are begging to be addressed yet has given you a superior knowledge of the most complicated subtleties. Make the most of your day as you will be profiting monetarily from your past speculations. Keep your guards high and your sense double active. You might face difficulty in trusting people.

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Call up your friends and family because it is time to clear up your schedule. Put on your fancy outfits and make reservations. The stars" are not really acting in your favor today but still, the cosmos are giving you chance to make some happy memories. Have a positive approach towards things and find happiness in small ways. It will help you in achieving deep satisfaction and you will be content. Donate to the poor if you can.


A mutually beneficial arrangement is there for you and your accomplice today. Your affectionate emotions are convincing such a lot that you are very requesting. The fire is equivalent and coordinating at the opposite end too. Thus, be extremely cautious, ask and you may not be baffled. A little delicate and caring methodology is required. As such you are an agreement accomplice. Volunteer for your neighborhood non-benefit or sort out a socially separated foundation drive. Showing proactive kindness has never felt so great! You could feel clashed about mingling.


Proceeded with pressure in your workplace and your home life is influencing your wellbeing just as your capacity to think and judge unmistakably. You need to understand that the foundation of the issue lies in the amazingly inactive propensities that you have created. Normal morning strolls can demonstrate helpful for you as they will revive your body and energize your mind. Start off with a healthy diet and a few light exercises and eventually you will find your interest building up in this zone, suggests your stars.

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Lucky color- Dark red, silver, and pink

Lucky number- 3 and 8

Lucky alphabet you will get in sync with- S, J, and Y

Cosmic tip- “Unlock the window of your heart and explore new horizons.”

Tips for Single- Connect with real-world people. Keep your phone aside and stop playing these virtual games.

Tips for Couples- Do not let the small things come into the way of your big picture.


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