Apr 20 - May 20


You are in the game for a long time now and no doubt you have been doing quite well and now the game is getting bigger and better. Everyone around you, especially in your workplace. There is going to be an opportunity for a solid venture and huge expansion. Taurus this is the time for you to play your cards right, focus on yourself. This can also be a good time for you to put your money into some investment.


For students who are planning to appear for any examination, this is a good day. Since the planets are getting along famously, the alignment is going to favor you. Prepare yourself well. On the other hand, work-related issues are likely to happen. Do not trust people very easily there are going to be people who are pretending to be your friend. Think logically today. Steer clear of heated arguments and conversations.

Angelosis luck Travel

If you were planning to go abroad your stars are indicating that some work-related thing is going to give you an opportunity to fulfill that desire. Your planetary alignment also suggests that you will be visiting your native place. Some minor hurdles are going to come your way. Be prepared but there is nothing to worry about as such. Start planning for your trip Taurus, this trip is going to provide you with memories for a lifetime.


You are a sharp and intelligent being, the world knows it. However, you have not been feeling the same lately. A lot of things are happening around you and this is affecting you. Your stars are advising you to not compare yourself. You are a unique individual and by comparing yourself you are wasting your precious time and diluting what you really are. Focus on yourself and channel your energy, if you need to talk to someone who you feel will understand or take professional help.


Physical well-being is important but do not forget the importance of mental well-being. Try to indulge in some recreational activity. All your workout regime is going good but your mind needs rejuvenation as well. Meditating, joining a focus group, or doing yoga can be the things you need today. Also, your stars are indicating you avoid doing heavy physical activities today. The risk of getting an injury is a little higher today.

Angelosis luck Luck

Lucky color- Olive green and white

Lucky number- 4, 6 and 7

Lucky alphabet you will be in sync with- Y and F

Cosmic tip- Comparison will not take you anywhere. Stand on your willpower and confidence.

Tip for Singles- Before looking for someone else, find who you really are.

Tip for Couples- Sometimes compromise is necessary. Understand what your life requires and come to a middle ground. A few compromises here and there is going to help you build a strong relationship.


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