DAILY HOROSCOPE FOR 08 February 2023


Oct 23 - Nov 21


Scorpio, there's an extra boost of energy to push you forward. Make sure both you and your partner are steering in the same direction. The direction you set your rudder towards is where you will head. Once you're on the right course, it will be difficult to change direction, so keep pushing ahead full steam ahead.


You may feel the desire to escape the difficulties you have been facing, but you will find that the situation remains intense. Keep a sense of humor.

Angelosis travel Travel

You may hear today from your superiors that you will be visiting a foreign land for professional purposes. Consider taking your family on a vacation or a road trip with friends to enjoy some quality time together.


The current astral alignment suggests that you may experience a blooming love relationship connected to your spirituality. You may find a partner who shares your mutual love for meditation and yoga. You may be able to create a blending of your minds and hearts even when you're away from your daily life, and both of you will find it deeply rewarding.


You might feel the urge to abandon your workout routine or make unhealthy food choices. When faced with such temptations, try to exercise discipline and rely on a higher power. Maintaining healthy habits is worth the effort, especially if you value your health. These moments define our path towards good health.

Angelosis luck Luck

Colors of the day : Amethyst, Banana

Lucky Numbers of the day : 7, 8

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with : N, O

Cosmic Tip : Plan your expenses adequately especially regarding investments as they involve risk of uncertainty

Tips for Singles : You will probably find some trustworthy person who will restore all your faith in life when you are already facing tough times.

Tips for Couples : Celebrate your togetherness, and your sense of protection towards your partner will be in surge today.


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